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Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes scaly, itchy patches over the elbows, knees, trunk that tends to go through cycles which flares up for weeks and then subsides. The alarming part is it does not have a complete cure. Psoriasis can appear anywhere in the body as small scaly patches or can affect large areas. Every three in one person with psoriasis develop other systemic illnesses like psoriatic arthropathy. This affects the patient physically as well as emotionally. Psoriatic arthritis if left untreated can lead to permanent damage but the mild forms often go undiagnosed. All the age groups are prevalent but the symptoms are often evident at 15 to 25 and all sexes including children are affected.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Psoriasis?

At Maurya, Our treatments for psoriasis focuses on reducing inflammation. Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis includes snehana which includes intake of medicated ghee etc and shodhana which is purificatory therapies/detoxification which reduces the production of new cells and thereby reduces itching.

Topical application of herbal paste aims at removing the scales and preventing the regrowth and also helps in fading the blemishes. Oral medications include decoctions, arishta etc prepared out of kushtaghna drugs which are beneficial for the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions !

In advanced cases there is no cure for Cerebral atrophy, but the associated disabilities can be managed by Ayurveda treatments, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Our ultimate goal in such cases will be to prevent progress of the condition.

CT and MRI are done mainly to diagnose the condition, but MRI is more precise and sensitive in detecting even the mild focal lesions and the atrophic changes in the nuclei.

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