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Sthaulya is the disease in Ayurveda which is compared to obesity. In Ayurveda this context is described under santarpanotha vikara (disease due to over nourishment). The excessive fat is stored in the form of lipids in the adipose tissues beneath the skin. 

Samprapti of sthaulya

In Ayurveda it is considered as a lifestyle disorder due to apathyahara and vihara which increases kapha dosha and it disturbs the dhatu-agni. Since the dhatwagni is disturbed food remains get converted into madhura avastha paka and get turned to ama. This ama circulating all over the body produces medas.

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Our Ayurvedic Treatment

Among the shad upakram langhana and rukshanam are the key treatment principles adopted. Internally herbal preparations which possess apatarpana property are used. Guru dravya helps in correcting agni and drugs with apatarpana property reduces durmeda.

Samshodhana is advisable treatment either as virechana or vamana as obesity is considered as bahu dosha and expulsion of excess dosha is the key. It is a highly recommended treatment for those with stamina and strength.

Sthaulya is considered as a disease due to overnourishment (santarpanotha vikara) as per ayurveda, so the treatment includes depletion of excess doshas (apatharpana). So external body treatments ( Udwarthanam, Dhara, Udsadanam, Sarvanga abhyanga) and internal medications for weight loss are given.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is not a tough challenge that requires a lot of your energy, but simple poses or asanas can help speed up your metabolism and help you shed some excess weight without the use of equipment . Yoga can be easily learned and practiced. It is also a natural and safe way to approach weight loss and obesity, with no side effects. Yoga is the best option for all of your health concerns, and here are some asanas that can help you lose fat

  • Dynamic Surya Namaskara, or Sun Salutation, not only warms up the muscles and improves blood circulation, but it also stretches and tones the majority of the major muscles, trims the Tones the waist, arms, stimulates.

Frequently Asked Questions !

In advanced cases there is no cure for Cerebral atrophy, but the associated disabilities can be managed by Ayurveda treatments, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Our ultimate goal in such cases will be to prevent progress of the condition.

CT and MRI are done mainly to diagnose the condition, but MRI is more precise and sensitive in detecting even the mild focal lesions and the atrophic changes in the nuclei.

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