Speech Therapy Treatment in Kerala

Speech impairments and communication problems are assessed and addressed in speech therapy. People’s comprehension, clarity, intonation, fluency, and ability to make sound are all improved. Speech therapy can assist adults with speech issues brought on by stroke, brain injury, or other diseases along with children with speech disorders.

Speech therapy can help you communicate more effectively. Understanding, fluency, clarity, and expressiveness are all enhanced along with early language development.

speech therapy in kerala

What does a speech therapist do

Assessing, diagnosing, and treating speech abnormalities and communication issues are the responsibilities of a speech therapist, often known as a speech-language pathologist. In addition to treating people with speech problems brought on by sickness or accident, they also treat kids with developmental delays. For a number of different reasons, your healthcare practitioner could recommend that you see a speech-language pathologist.

Who needs speech therapy

Children and adults with communication problems benefit from speech therapy. Additionally, it can benefit those who have trouble swallowing or hearing. Your physician might advise speech therapy to help with:

Aphasia-Aphasia patients may have trouble speaking, writing, reading, and interpreting language. When language-processing regions of your brain are harmed by a stroke or other trauma, the disorder may emerge.

Apraxia- People with apraxia are aware of what they want to say but struggle to put it into words. Reading, writing, swallowing, and other motor skills may be difficult for them.

Problems of articulation- Certain word sounds cannot be produced by kids with articulation issues. For instance, they might say “wed” or “thith” in place of “red” or other sounds, respectively.

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