MAURYA AYURVEDA provides Therapeutic Diet customised to each individual based on our experts guidance.

Eliminative Diet

Through this therapeutic diet, you’ve only begun your road towards a naturopathic way of life. By using naturopathic fasting therapy at this point, you can get rid of the metabolic poisons from your body. Although a fasting regimen is part of an elimination diet. You can benefit from an alkaline juice diet once the fasting therapy is over. Wheatgrass juice, gooseberry juice, tender coconut juice, and ash guard juice are just a few examples of the alkaline liquids that are a big part of elimination diet plans.

Soothing Diet

Your body is free of metabolic toxins following an elimination diet. Allow a soothing diet to re-energize your digestive system. A Soothing diet consists of fruits and vegetables. Your gastrointestinal tract deserves a nutritious diet. A Soothing Diet is a nutrient powerhouse that your GI craves.

Constructive Diet

For those who want weight loss, therapeutic diet does offer a choice. For those who seek weight loss while living a naturopathic lifestyle, the alkaline diet will be the greatest option. There are some rigorous guidelines on the alkaline diet chart, like eating a lot of vegetables, drinking a lot of water, and abstaining from processed foods, sweets, and alcohol. A sufficient amount of protein-based foods should be ingested at the same time as an alkaline diet is being followed. A doctor should be consulted before starting an alkaline diet if you have a serious medical history.

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