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Eczema on Hand - Treatment in Kerala, Maurya ayurveda

Eczema is an immune mediated inflammation of the skin arising as a result of an interaction between genetic and environmental factors. Dermatitis is a common term that is used interchangeably and depicts inflammation of the epidermal layer of skin.

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Our Ayurvedic Treatment for Eczema

In Ayurveda, all types of skin diseases are included under Kushta. Eczema can be understood as Vicharchika, mentioned as a kshudra kushta(minor skin ailment). There is an involvement of Kapha and Pitta dosha, along with Agni mandya ( reduced metabolism and sluggish hypersensitivity) vitiation There is also vitiation of rasa, rakta and kleda, which result in vesicle formation and oozing. So the first line of treatment is to reduce inflammation and normalize immune response which can be done by the administration of Deepana and Pachana drugs. Following this, measures to eliminate toxins are taken, which is done by adopting panchakarma therapies like lepana, dhara etc. Once the toxins are eliminated, measures are taken to heal the vesicles and prevent relapse.

Self care for Eczema:

  • Always keep the area moisturized and well- nourished.
  • Make sure to not scratch the area and trigger further flare.
  • Use soaps, dyes and perfumes that are weak  and not triggering.
  • Try to avoid contamination as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions !

In advanced cases there is no cure for Cerebral atrophy, but the associated disabilities can be managed by Ayurveda treatments, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Our ultimate goal in such cases will be to prevent progress of the condition.

CT and MRI are done mainly to diagnose the condition, but MRI is more precise and sensitive in detecting even the mild focal lesions and the atrophic changes in the nuclei.