Cerebral Atrophy Treatment in Kerala, India

cerebral atrophy treatment in kerala, india

At, Maurya Hospital & Rehabilitation centre we help patients with cerebral atrophy to recover  regain body controls.

Cerebral atrophy is the loss of cells of the brain. This could be either in morphological presentation like shrinkage of the cells of the brain or in anatomical presentation like cell damage. In morphological presentation it is frequently seen as loss of volume of cells .

It is a common end point of many of the diseases affecting the brain as well as the central nervous system. It is also seen in old age as a part of degeneration in many of the neuro degenerative diseases. All the imaging changes of the elderly are labeled as cerebral atrophy even when the patient has normal cognition. 

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Our rehabilitation teams

Our doctors work with healthcare professionals to evaluate the impact of injury on your function and develop a recovery plan that is personalised for you. Our rehabilitation teams include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech/language therapists, Acupuncturist, Ayurveda & Naturopathy doctors . We offer care for as long as you need it and advise you of techniques to recover faster.

Our hospital brings together specially trained medical staff, advanced monitoring techniques, and specialized Physiotherapy and Ayurvedic treatments focused on improving the outcomes of patients with Cerebral Atrophy.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cerebral Atrophy.

Atrophy is generally degeneration or loss of normal tonicity of cells which is always a part of aging. But not only in aging, it is also seen in some neuro degenerative diseases affecting the central nervous system. All these are categorized as vata vyadhi in ayurveda.

So the treatment protocol revolves around the vata vyadhi principle where treatment is based on snigdha dravyas.

  • Vasthi
  • Abhyanga
  • Shirodhara

Vasthi is very beneficial in neurological conditions and is regarded as ardha chikitsa in ayurveda. It promotes longevity and retards ageing. Vasthi in some other forms like raja yapana vasthi, sneha vasthi are very beneficial in such conditions.

Physiotherapy for Cerebral Atrophy

Our physiotherapy treatments protocols is a mash of symptom management instruction along with progressive fitness, balance, movement, and strength training.Strength training focusing on knee extensors and flexors, hip abductors and adductors, and ankle plantar flexors .These muscle groups are chosen because of their importance to balance. By keeping muscles strong and flexible and assisting in the prevention of falls, physical therapies provide drug-free tools to help people maintain their function for as long as possible. Additionally, promoting mobility reduces the possibility of pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal. Postural muscle strengthening to improve eg head and trunk alignment in both sitting and standing.

Frequently Asked Questions !

In advanced cases there is no cure for Cerebral atrophy, but the associated disabilities can be managed by Ayurveda treatments, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Our ultimate goal in such cases will be to prevent progress of the condition.

CT and MRI are done mainly to diagnose the condition, but MRI is more precise and sensitive in detecting even the mild focal lesions and the atrophic changes in the nuclei.

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