Spinal Cord Injury Treatment in Kerala, India

At, Maurya Hospital & Rehabilitation centre we provide spinal cord injury treatment to  help patients to recover & regain body controls.

The team at Maurya brings together expertise and compassion in the treatment of any spinal cord injury’s.

Spinal Cord Injury will always be due to alleged trauma can be either due to fall, RTA, or any other physical trauma. The prognosis of spinal cord injury depends purely upon the extent to which the spinal cord is involved in trauma. The time of treatment and rehabilitation can be sometimes for months and sometimes for years. Cases other than complete cut of spinal cord can be effectively managed in Ayurveda and rehabilitation. The degree of neurological involvement tells the prognosis. The lesser the neurological involvement, the lesser the injury to the spinal cord and greater the chances of recovery.

Spinal cord injury treatment rehabilitation India Kerala

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Our rehabilitation teams

Our doctors work with healthcare professionals to evaluate the impact of injury on your function and develop a recovery plan that is personalised for you. Our rehabilitation teams include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech/language therapists, Acupuncturist, Ayurveda & Naturopathy doctors . We offer care for as long as you need it and advise you of techniques to recover faster.

Our hospital brings together specially trained medical staff, advanced monitoring techniques, and specialized Physiotherapy and Ayurvedic treatments focused on improving the outcomes of patients with spinal injury.

Ayurvedic Treatment for  Spinal Cord Injury

Our standard operative procedures are really competing with any of the ayurvedic centers here in India. Any patient who is not on life support machineries and is stable can be admitted. We provide panchakarma therapy (purificatory procedures), shamanoushadhis (palliative medicine).

Spinal cord injury causes inflammation to the nerve cells and other tissues surrounding the same as in any acute injury. So the primary aim is to reduce the inflammation by giving anti-inflammatory treatments and medications. Many drying therapies like Ruksha kizhi, Dhara etc help in the same. Once the inflammation is reduced, then only oil therapies are done. Oil therapies are mainly done after the inflammation is completely reduced and mainly done to impart strength to the affected tissues, joints and muscles. Internal medications are given along with which accelerates the healing process and regenerates the cells.

Panchakarma therapies include

  • Sarvanga abhyanga
  • Patra potali sweda
  • Ruksha sweda
  • Shashtika shali pinda sweda
  • Shirodhara
  • Vasthi
  • Abhyantara sneha pana
  • Nasya
  • Dhoomapana
  • Ushna upanaha

Swedana (abhyanga, shashtika shali pinda sveda, patra potali sveda etc.) to reduce the spastic nature of the disease and to restore movements, Vasthi{mathra vasthi, anuvasana vasthi, asthapana vasthi} which helps in improving nerve function.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Spinal Cord Injury

The ayurveda medicines (Shamana oushadis) used have the capabilities to address spinal cord injuries. Ashwagandha and guduchi have rasayana and balya properties while guggulu preparations help in tendon and ligament, bone and bone marrow, neurological and rheumatological disorders.

If the patient is at a nirama stage the treatment will be brimhana chikitsa which will help the patient to regain his strength. Symptomatic treatment will be given accordingly as per the condition of the patient.

Physiotherapy for Spinal Cord Injury

Depending on the extent of the injury, people with incomplete spinal cord injuries present in different ways. Therefore, each person requires individualised care and ongoing evaluation. The focus of physiotherapy treatment will be on recovery and doing everything in the patient’s power to get them back to where they were physically.Our physiotherapists provide effective physiotherapy treatment sessions with an aim to:

  • Strengthen weak muscles through exercise.
  • Stretching stiffened muscles can help reduce contractures.
  • Encouraging regular movement,
  • Increasing the ability to control one’s arms, legs, and trunk,
  • Promoting activities of daily life.
  • Exercises for balance improvement.
  • Regain confidence and lessen any anxiety you may be experiencing.
  • Increasing the ability to roll over, move in bed, sit, and stand.
  • Exercise to improve endurance and combat fatigue.
  • Exercises that increase range of motion and blood flow.
  • Advice on how to position yourself to maximise comfort
  • Advice on walking aids and orthotics.
  • Treatment with water.
  • Encouraging self-reliance to enhance quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions !

From the date of Injury, after the emergency management, it is advised to go for rehabilitation treatments. First one year after the injury is considered the best time to gain maximum recovery.

Usually 1 month to few months depending on the severity of injury and the progress achieved during the course of treatment.

Yes. We have budget and premium facilities that can take care of your stay during your treatment.

Completely cut spinal cord injury cases will not recover using Ayurveda. The aim of rehabilitation would become to enable them to being self-sufficient.

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