Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Kerala, India

Cerebral Palsy treatment in Kerala, India

At, Maurya Hospital & Rehabilitation centre we help patients with cerebral palsy to fasten their delayed developmental milestones.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is an acquired brain injury at the time of birth and is one of the leading causes of childhood disability. It is a non-progressive neuromotor disorder that has both neurological and musculoskeletal involvement. If CP is not treated, it might progress to lifelong disabilities.

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Our rehabilitation teams

Our doctors work with healthcare professionals to evaluate the impact of injury on your function and develop a recovery plan that is personalised for you. Our rehabilitation teams include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech/language therapists, Acupuncturist, Ayurveda & Naturopathy doctors . We offer care for as long as you need it and advise you of techniques to recover faster.

Our hospital brings together specially trained medical staff, advanced monitoring techniques, and specialized Physiotherapy and Ayurvedic treatments focused on improving the outcomes of patients with cerebral palsy.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cerebral Palsy

Even Though it is non progressive,CP has no permanent cure, but supportive treatments, medications and surgery can help many to improve their quality of life. Symptomatic treatments are given depending on the clinical presentation. Children with cerebral palsy can have problems in swallowing, gait, eye contact, and balance. Children also might have reduced range of motion due to muscle stiffness,drooling may be present in some. Children with CP show different symptoms and conservative management is given in each case. Some affected children can walk while others need assistance. Some children show normal or near-normal intellect but in some cases others may have intellectual disabilities. Ayurveda Treatments for Cerebral Palsy includes:

  • Udvartana: Drying therapy is beneficial in reducing the spasticity, improving tactile sensations, brings lightness to the body and relieves pain.
  • Sarvanga Abhyanga :improves circulation and it will divert the doshas spread all over the body to koshta.
  • Bashpa sweda & Nadi sweda: causes excretion of waste metabolites.
  • Shashtika shali pinda sweda: nourishes and stimulates nerve endings.
  • Nasya : Cleanse the sinuses.
  • Anuvasana vasthi & Asthapana vasthi : removes avarana (block) and srodhorodha (obstruction to channels) by eliminating doshas.

Ayurveda Medicine for Cerebral Palsy

Internal Medications are given which stimulate brain function,to reduce drooling and improve swallowing. It is also combined with drugs which are sanjastapana and vaya sthapana,along with vatahara to get a combined effect. Some commonly used medicines are

  • Brahmi
  • Mandookaparni
  • Ashwagandha
  • Amalaki
  • Hareetaki

Physiotherapy for Cerebral Palsy

As with most children with developmental disabilities, the goal of task-oriented therapy for children with CP is to enable the child to participate in activities of daily living, such as dressing and undressing, eating, playing, and moving from one place to another.Hence our treatment concentrates on

  • To force use the impaired upper limb over time, the stronger or non-impaired upper limb is immobilised for a variable amount of time.
  • In children with spasticity, manual stretching may expand the range of motion, lessen spasticity, or enhance walking performance.
  • During neurological rehabilitation, there are many different ways to apply stretch to get different results.
  • Stretching for a long time while using tilt tables and standing frames to reduce contracture in the lower limb.
  • Since the force placed on the knee during the extended stretch can be quite high, ankles are essential to ensuring that the knees remain extended.
  • Through the use of static weight-bearing exercises like the tilt-table and the standing frame, it has been possible to stimulate antigravity muscle strength, prevent hip dislocation, reduce spasticity, and improve bone mineral density, self-confidence, and motor function.
  • Children with cerebral palsy can benefit from muscle strengthening exercises by increasing the strength of their weak antagonist muscles and the corresponding spastic agonists.
  • Electrical stimulation to improve muscle strength and motor function.

Therapeutic Yoga For Cerebral Palsy

Practicing yoga and the accompanying relaxation has been shown to help people with cerebral palsy. Holding an asana (a yoga pose) helps the muscles and tendons to gently stretch and achieve a relaxation that releases the general stress experienced by the body, thus relieving the tightness throughout the muscles.Specific breathing strategies, as well as physical poses, open the diaphragm and the front of the body to allow for deeper, more rhythmic breathing.

Yoga poses can be modified to meet the physical needs of the child, based on their level of mobility and motor coordination.

It also supports thinking and concentration, because such actions necessitate communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which can directly impact writing, reading, and attention skills. Specific poses can be chosen to strengthen areas of the body that are low in muscle tone. Yoga offers a calming experience to not only the child, but also the child’s caretaker or support person. Breathing and stretching with the child helps to create a loving and peaceful energy within the adult, and to elicit a deep and compassionate connection with the child.

Frequently Asked Questions !

Initially the treatment package includes 30-45 Days. After the treatment course; Specialized home exercises and dietary modifications needed will be advised by the doctor. We suggest to have a check-up after an year to advise further treatments, if needed.

As soon as the parent notices, they can have a quick consult with our team either through an online appointment or by directly visiting. Early treatments will benefit the child as there will be better chances for improvement.

Yes. We have budget and premium facilities that can take care of your stay during your treatment.


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