Importance Of the powerful Ayurvedic Mutton Broth in Post Partum Regimen

ayurvedic mutton broth

A traditional Kerala preparation called ATTIN BRATH (Ayurvedic Mutton Broth) is widely recommended in the Prasava Raksha regimen (Postpartum rejuvenation program). It is a distillate that is extracted after goat meat and bones are treated with 64 different Ayurvedic medicines. It is a very revitalizing and healthy drink that boosts the immune system and provides long-term benefits. 


The key ingredient in ATTIN BRATH (Ayurvedic Mutton Broth) is Goat meat and Bones, which are easy to digest and loaded with nutrition. It is high in protein and similar to human body muscles. As a result, it aids in muscle development, healing, and strengthening.

Other ingredients are the Ayurvedic drugs that have Deepana, Pachana, Bruhmana, Vatahara, Garbhashaya Shodhaka and Rasayana properties, like Draksha, Amukkuram,Laksha, Kalkkandu, Ayamodhakam, Jeerakam, Almond, Pippali etc


  • Take a 7-8 kg young billy goat. 
  • Clean the goat meat and bones, remove the brain, intestines, and liver of the goat; and chop them into small pieces.
  • Make the powder out of all of the other medications.
  • Place the meat, bones, and medications in a small pot, then cover with a lid.
  • Do the double distillation for 24 hours in a water bath with the pot.
  • Gather the Attin brath (Ayurvedic Mutton Broth) and filter it into the kalkkandu powder once the 24-hour period has passed.
  • Since we are not adding any preservatives to the medication, keep it in the refrigerator.


  • It is especially beneficial to the damaged and weakened muscles and bones that occur during childbirth. 
  • It strengthens mother and child and promotes their health. 
  • Boosts immunity and alleviates back pain. 
  • Lessens the degenerative effects on the joints.


30 ml of medicine should be taken twice daily before food, or based on the digestive capacity, three times a day.


There are no limitations on diet. Avoid consuming heavy foods that may induce indigestion. Use dry ginger water if somebody is feeling really heavy. Avoid eating any cold food.


Following Prasava Raksha, the mother can consume Attin brath (Ayurvedic Mutton Broth) in accordance with her digestive ability. After 30 days of delivery, anyone who wasn’t able to complete the prasavaraksha regimen (Postpartum rejuvenation programme) can begin drinking Attin brath (Ayurvedic Mutton Broth).


Patient with high cholesterol and Cardiac Problems etc

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