Indian Medical Visa Procedures for Citizens of Saudi Arabia

Indian Medical Visa Procedures for Citizens of Saudi Arabia

Did you know that India ranks number 7 in the world tourism market, gathering a staggering 16.3 billion USD in revenue? What’s more, is that apparently over 56 million trips have been made to India in the name of medical wellness alone. Therefore, we can be positive that India sounds promising to those seeking top-notch healthcare from the finest healthcare professionals. Among these tourists include people from Arab nations who usually seek Allopathy and Ayurveda treatments or an amalgamation of both. Now here’s everything one needs to know about Indian Medical Visa Procedures for the citizens of Saudi Arabia.

Eligibility for Indian Medical Visa

  • Indian Medical Visa is only granted to those whose sole purpose of travel is medical treatment.
  • Patients should seek treatment from a recognized and reputed healthcare establishment.
  • Patients are allowed a maximum of two bystanders for accompaniment.
  • Maladies of kidneys, heart, liver, and other organs along with Neurosurgery, Joint Replacement Therapy, Gene Therapy, Organ Transplantations, Radiation Therapy, Congenital disorders, Plastic Surgery, and others are of prime consideration in granting an Indian Medical Visa.

Indian Medical Visa Processing Fee

  • Indian Medical/Medical Attendant Visas- Valid up to 6 months from date of issue (Single or Multiple) – SR305
  • Indian Medical/Medical Attendant Visas– Valid for more than 6 months and up to 1 year from the date of issue (Multiple) – SR450


  1. Two recent passport-size Photographs that meet the criteria as per the Photograph requirement Document.
  2. Duly completed Online Application Form.
  3. Original Passport (Valid for 6 months at the time of submission of visa application).
  4. Copy of the Passport.
  5. Indian Medical Visa Fee in cash (SR).
  6. Medical reports and Hospital References for Medical Treatments.
  7. Iqama/Bataka copy
  8. Letter of Admission from the hospital in India (stating Applicant’s name, Medical Attendant’s name, and duration of treatment).
  9. Letter of Sponsor (in case of non-Saudis).

Indian Medical Visa Processing Time

Indian Medical Visa that has been applied in Jeddah and Riyadh may take up to 3 days to deliver post-processing. Submission of applications at other centers may take longer.

 Indian Medical Visa Extension

Indian Medical Visa Extension is mandatory when the patient’s recovery time exceeds the departure date from India. During such circumstances, an official letter from the concerned Health Authority stating the patient’s illness, duration of treatment, and the number of days that may be needed to recover is mandatory. The applicant must then approach the FRRO ( Foreign Regional Registration Office) with the appropriate documents mentioned below.

  • Application Form
  • Xerox copies of Passports and Initial Visas
  • Four Photographs of the applicant
  • Details of Residence in India 

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