Dhoomapanam- The Phenomenal Benefits of Herbal Smoking


The procedure in which Medicated smoke is inhaled through the nose and exhaled through the mouth is called Dhoomapanam.


  • Mridu Dhoomapanam
  • Madhyama Dhoomapanam
  • Teekshna Dhoomapanam



  • Lubricating and mild in nature
  • Can be used daily
  • Indications- At the end of sneezing, Yawning, Defecation, Urination, Copulation, Surgical Operation, Bouts of laughing, Use of a toothbrush.
  • Eg. Sandalwood


  • Smoke is of Medium potency, a little stronger than Mridu Dhoopana.
  • Indications- At the end of the night, end of meals, end of Nasya therapy
  • Eg. Licorice


  • Strong potency, purgative in nature.
  • Indications- At the end of sleep, at the end of Nasya treatment, After applying Anjana, After a bath, After vomiting
  • Eg. Triphala, Turmeric, etc


General Benefits of Dhoomapanam

Rhinitis Brochial Spasm
Sinusitis Migraine
Toothache Anorexia
Halitosis (Bad breath) Asthma


The patient is told to sit up straight and to keep his mouth open. The smoke is then inhaled through either nostril and exhaled through the mouth. This must be done three times. To avoid eye damage, take care not to exhale through the mouth.

Contraindications for Dhoomapanam

-Grief -Emaciation
-Fainted -Internal Hemorrhage
-Burning Sensation -Narcosis
-Vomiting -Anemia
-Head injury -Dryness of Palate
-Visual Defects -Vomiting
-Diabetic Ascites
-Poisoned -Anger
-Fear -Anxiety
-Those who have undergone Purgation and Emesis Pregnant women
-Chest Injuries -After consuming Ghee, Fish, Curd, Milk, Wine, Gruel etc

-Amla powder heated with Coconut oil improves Premature Greying.


CAUTION: All medications and treatments described here are being used solely for educational reasons. This does not replace seeking expert medical advice. Before using any drugs, please seek the advice of a licensed Ayurvedic practitioner. Please keep out of the reach of children.
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